Gary Heller in conjunction with many colleagues, Cardiology Fellows and Medical residents has been involved in multiple publication and Books for several years.  The three books were developed to provide clinically relevant information regarding nuclear cardiology and its value, more basic data on the physics and instrumentation of nuclear cardiology procedures and finally a short succinct “how to” book on day to day nuclear cardiology.   His manuscripts, reviews, UpToDate chapters have focused on risk stratification and many aspects of new developments in Cardiovascular Imaging.


Gary Heller- Validation of attenuation correction

Gary Heller- The WOMEN study

Gary Heller- The clinical value of a single photon emmission et al

Gary Heller- Stress-only myocardial perfusion imaging et al

Gary Heller- Risk Stratification with Attenuation et al

Gary Heller- Risk Stratification of CAD et al

Gary Heller- Resolution of Asymptomatic

Gary Heller- Prognostic estimation of coronary

Gary Heller- Practical issues regarding the incorporation et al

Gary Heller- Multicenter Investigation Comparing a Hightly Efficient Half-Time Stress et al


Courtesy, Thjis Spoor, Fluropharma Inc.


Gary Heller- Ionizing Radiation in Cardiac Imaging

Gary Heller- Independent and incremental prognostic

Gary Heller- Etiology and pathophysiology

Gary Heller- Electrocardiographic changes during vasodilator et al

Gary Heller- Diagnostic accuracy of rest-stress et al

Gary Heller- Comparitive Effectiveness of Exercise et al

Gary Heller- Cardiac tamponade on ECG-gated dipyridamole et al

Gary Heller- A multicenter evaluation of a new