Our Services

Heller Healthcare Consulting provides a wide range of consulting services in cardiovascular diseases with specialization in cardiovascular imaging including drug and radiopharmaceutical development.  Services also include developing protocols for clinical validation of new instrumentation and procedures, as well as expertise in protocol preparation of Phase 2, Phase 3 or Phase 4 FDA studies. Other services are: assisting in writing and design of independent investigator-initiated industry studies, cardiovascular education including on-site conferences and webinars presentation, and cardiovascular-related legal services (plaintiff or defense).  A new service is that of assisting clinical nuclear cardiology laboratories to improve efficiency, quality, and profitability and reduce radiation exposure.


Our Clients

Our clients are engaged in a variety of services relating to cardiology and cardiovascular imaging which includes start-up companies, established radiopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, legal professionals in cardiology cases (both plaintiff and defense), and companies engaged in medical imaging as well as cardiovascular practices.

Gary V. Heller, President

Gary V. Heller, MD, Ph.D. is nationally recognized in cardiovascular imaging.  Dr. Heller received his training at Case Western Reserve University obtaining both an M.D. and Ph.D. concurrently.  His Medical Residency was at Boston City Hospital and University Hospitals, Boston, Massachusetts.  Training in Cardiology was obtained at Beth Israel Hospital, Boston Massachusetts.  Dr. Heller remained at Beth Israel Hospital as a junior faculty member with an appointment to Harvard University  obtaining experience in clinical cardiology cardiovascular research and cardiovascular imaging.  Dr. Heller was Director of Nuclear Cardiology at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, a major teaching hospital of Brown University.  He attained the level of Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University School of Medicine.  More recently, Dr. Heller was Director of Nuclear Cardiology, Associate Director of Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Fellowship Program Director at Hartford Hospital/University of Connecticut and Professor of Medicine at the University Of Connecticut School Of Medicine, Farmington, Connecticut.


Dr. Heller is co-author of over 175 peer-reviewed manuscripts in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine.  He is co-editor of three major textbooks in cardiovascular imaging and is a frequent contributor to Up-to-date (Wellesley, Massachusetts)


Summary of Services

Heller Healthcare Consulting Group provides numerous services relating to research development, laboratory improvement, and legal cases. These areas include:

  • Research and Development.  Heller Healthcare Consulting has experience in Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 4 Trials including conceptual design, identifying and securing participating laboratories, assisting in performance of the study procedures and data analysis.  Heller Healthcare Consulting has worked with start-up companies to begin evaluation of products to be considered for FDA studies as well as all phases of FDA trials.
  • Evalution of new products.   Heller Healthcare Consulting is able to provide expert advice on the status and potential impact of new drugs and radiopharmaceuticals in development.  This includes the status of current studies, proposed studies and potential impact of the drug or radiopharmaceutical in the marketplace.
  • Investigator initiated trials.  Heller Healthcare Consulting has experience in assisting physicians and scientists in the development of research proposals to be submitted to companies wishing examination of new technologies and radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory Performance Improvement.  Heller Healthcare Consulting can help provide a detailed analysis of current laboratory performance in order to improve efficiency, costs, reduction in radiation exposure and diagnostic accuracy.  Analysis of a laboratory includes examination of camera systems, protocols, reports, billing, diagnostic accuracy (catherization data), radiation exposure, laboratory efficiency and other related issues.  Such an examination will identify issues that could be resolved and result in greater efficiency, less cost, better physician and patient satisfaction and better outcomes particularly specificity. See Stress test (can you fix?)
  • Legal Services:  Heller Healthcare Consulting has been involved in numerous legal cases for the defense, plaintiff, and federal/state cases involving other legal issues.  A wide expertise is available in all aspects of cardiology, with experience in including cardiovascular imaging.  Heller Healthcare Consulting has participated in successful expert witness cases for both defense and plaintiff, and can provide assessment of case validity.